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Groups of 10 to 2000 have more fun at SpeedZone than anywhere else in LA.


Corporate Consignment Programs

Tickets allow you to offer SpeedZone’s lowest admission rates available to an individual. Your Employees and Members will appreciate the low-ticket rate and convenience of advance purchase. We extend this offer to a limited number of corporations each year so don’t miss out on a great opportunity to offer discount tickets to your employees or members!

On-Line Corporate/Organization Partners Program:

Become an On-Line Corporate/Organization Partner and offer your employees/members the fastest and easiest way to buy a ticket to the park. Your employees may purchase and print their tickets from their home computer. Each company/organization is given a unique, secure Code for employees or members to access this site.

VIP Card - Consignment Program

Through our Consignment Program you will be able to provide your employees endless family fun with over a 30% SAVINGS! Simply let us know how many VIP Cards you need and we will provide you with everything you need to promote sales.

Company/Organization Discount Tickets

Does your company or organization offer discounted tickets to employees/members for SpeedZone?

 If not, contact us directly at 626-913-9663 It’s the fastest ticket in town because it’s easy 

and convenient way to provide greatly discounted tickets.